Custom website based on your needs

Are you looking for a website that is as unique as your business? Sometimes it’s not just about getting the website up and running quickly, but creating something that really stands out.

With this offer, we go deep into your goals, target group and message to shape a website that fits perfect for your business’ needs.

Perhaps you need a website with more complex integrations such as booking forms, online shop, content assistance or other custom add-ons?

I listen carefully to your visions and wants to create something that reflects who you are, what you stand for and the services you offer. Perhaps you need more complex integrations on the website? I help you as needed, fully adapted to your industry.

The result? A website that is more than just visually impressive – it is also rich in customized content, messaging and the applications you need. I’ll take my time with every detail – from layout and navigation, to colors and typography, to finding the best solution for your needs.

Everything is carefully designed to give your visitors the best experience.

the rundown…

1. We’ll have a thorough and relaxed conversation over the phone or Zoom to work out the vision, the target audience, visual desires, add-ons, and the strategy & goal of the website. We’ll find a timeline for the project that suits us both.

2. I will prepare hosting and domain if you do not have this already. We’ll agree on how this can be set up in the best way. PS! The price of the domain and hosting is not included, and must be paid annually by you.

3. We’ll prepare all the content together. If you’re stuck with text, content or image choices, I’ll help you. If you have your own high-quality photos, we’ll use yours. If you don’t, I’ll find stock photos to use.

4. You’ll be updated regularly throughout the whole process, so that we know we are on the same wavelength with message and visuals.

5. You will have two revisions to request any changes when the website is completed. As soon as everything is ready, the website will be published and transferred to you.‍

6. I am available the following week for small adjustments or other post-project hickups that may come up. I will also go through the website with you to give you guidance on how to make simple changes on your own.

feeling it?

Get in touch and we’ll take it from there 🙂 Book a call through one of the links, and we’ll start the process!

total investment


*Add-ons or plugins that needs to be purchased and costs for annual domain and hosting are not included.