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It’s time to bring your humaness into your business

Here is where the crossroads of life, digital, spirituality and self-discovery meet. This truly is the time to embrace the power of yourself and your business with a personalized infusion, by bringing out all of you.

Let’s weave your dreams into reality, one pixel at a time.

Are you a visionary in the realm of holistic wellness or spirituality?

…a business owner in any sector who are on the path of self-discovery and expansion?

…a seasoned human design experimenter & guide, an astrologer or a holistic business owner who wants to improve your online presence while speaking the same language?

…a curious soul on a personal journey to find your best path moving forward?

No matter where you’re coming from, I understand the incredible voyage you’re on and the passion you invest in yourself, your life, your business and your clients.

I am here to help you bring out your inner needs and outer visions.

this is your journey

Emilie Louise Design is your destination for self-discovery meeting digital services; a practical, deeper understanding of yourself and soul-led branding and website designs.

As a passionate freelance designer, an avid solo-traveller and a seeker of self-discovery, I understand the journey through trial and error, frustration, mis-alignment, self-sabotage, stuckness, confusion, cocoon phases and all the stuff that keeps you away from your true self.

I have experienced the frustration of navigating through it all alone, which is why I want to help you through your journey.

With my digital knowledge, experience & experimentation with human design and astrology + projector-focused insight, I can guide you into a deeper knowledge of yourself – wether its based on stepping up your digital business-game, or stepping up for yourself.

No matter if you’re here for human design & astrological guidance, or digital assistance in your business by someone who speaks the same language…

I got you.

work with me

website in one day

Do you need a website in a whim? With website-in-one-day you can get your website up and running at record speed.

If you already have all the content ready, I can turn it into a functional and aesthetic website in just one day. ‍You give me the content, I give you a well working, nice vibing and good looking website.

custom website

If you want a website that takes some time to mature and nurture, this is the solution for you. I’ll take my time to understand your message, goals and your target audience. Do you need help with the content? I’ll help you create engaging content adapted to your industry.

Result? A thoroughly designed website, tailored to your brand and to help you achieve your goals with your new digital home.

brand & website design with soul

In a world cluttered with website templates and generic brand strategies, let’s break the mold.

It is not just about having a website or a brand strategy; it’s about possessing clarity – clarity of purpose, offerings, and energy. That’s where we shine and that is where I want to help you.

This is a brand- and web experience focused on getting you into alignment, clarity and self-empowerment through the objective lens of Human Design and Astrology. This is a creation of your online business blueprint – in the way your body wants you to show up.

Your brand- and website are so much more than visuals; It’s a strategic showcase of your souls’ gifts. In a world where everything is at one’s fingertips, intentions, alignment and impact are the new business strategies.

human design and astrology guidance

Get ready for a clarifying and empowering 90-minute session that is all about YOU and your unique design.

Human Design is like a personalized & practical manual for navigating life. Your design chart is your one-of-a-kind practical roadmap to a better understanding of yourself; helping you tap into your energy, purpose and create space for alignment.

Combining the power of Human Design and Astrology will help you gain crystal-clear insights into your inner workings. We’ll use these tools to provide you with the clarity you’ve been seeking, helping you understand yourself on a deeper level. Think of this session as your customized toolkit for a more aligned life. It’s more than information; it’s about actionable steps to reconnect with your essence.

I’ve spent 4 years integrating and self-studying Human Design, using the fundament of HD messenger Ra Uru Hu. Alongside, I’ve spent 5 years studying Astrology, both independently and under the guidance of industry experts. Join me for a transformative 90-minute journey of self-discovery.