new website in one day

Sometimes you just need a website up and running quickly.

Whether you are a busy entrepreneur, the type who’s always a bit “last minute”, an everyday hero who tries to get a few more hours into the day than what’s possible, or just a restless soul who has an urgent need for a digital platform, I’m here to give you the solution you need!

Branding, website design and social media content management based on your personal blueprint

i’ve seen how stressful it can be to wait weeks or months for a website – and quite frankly, there’s not always a point

If you have all the content in place and a vision that we can work out over the phone, the wait is over!

Don’t let time pressure destroy your presence. Take control today with a simple, flexible, yet authentic solution.

Are you ready to create digital magic? Sit back, relax, and watch me work my magic, creating your new and perfectly curated website based on your personal energy, in just a day. Book a call and we’ll take it from there 🙂

the preparations and the process


Let's meet

We have an informal and effective chat over the phone or Zoom to work out the vision, target group and goal of the website. We’ll find a date in the near future that works for both.



I will prepare hosting and domain if you do not have this already. We’ll agree on how this can be set up in the best way. PS! The price of the domain and hosting is not included, and must be paid annually by you.


Hand over your content

You send me all the content for the website (text, images, etc.) in advance.


Availability & communication

Make sure you are available for any communication on the day the website is to be set up so that we can finish it without any hurdles.


Finished product

By the end of the day, you will have a website that you can proudly present to your clients, your audience, your acquaintances, and even your friends and family!


Guidance & follow-up

I am available the following week for small adjustments or other post-project hickups that may come up. I will also go through the website with you to give you guidance on how to make simple changes on your own.

Feeling it?

the investment


Send me an e-mail, get in touch through Instagram, or click the button below to book your discovery call and let’s get started on creating a brand that feels truly aligned with your energy and vision!

* Any additional assistance needed (e.g. content) is considered an add-on, and the cost depends on the quantity and extensiveness. Annual domain and hosting are not included.