Visual brand board

Codes of Astara

A Project Director & Energetics Consultant focused on merging healing, human design, and shamanic wisdom into propelling transformative strategies for individuals and businesses.

Create a visual brand board that displays brand colors, fonts and composition (logo not included) of a personal holistic brand; Codes of Astara.

I wanted to create something that resonated with the owner of the brand; Olera. My focus was on her strong aura, her Human Design energy type (Manifesting Generator) and her personality, while also taking in the mysticism and professionalism of her brand. A combination of deep greens and burgundy, complimented with shades of beige truly reflects her deep, multipassionate and knowledgable soul.

The fonts was also based on her aura, while also considering her wish for a more feminine look than her last brand fonts (and colors).

The logo is her own creation.